Multiple roosters?

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    Are multiple roosters a problem? If so, if you make the roosters into capons, will they not fight? One more thing, if you make them capons, will they still get big tail feathers and look like roosters?
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    Multiple roosters are not necessarily a problem, but they can be. If caponized (not an easy task) they become sort of 'girly' boys.
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    I have multiple roosters. If you don't have many hens, too many roosters can over-mate the hens, wearing off the hens' back feathers. Plus the hens never get any rest if there are too many roosters.

    But none of mine fight - the flock ranges freely and my dominant rooster "allows" the others to develop their own little harems of a few hens "of their own.". Except that he always gets rights to every hen in the flock, even theirs. They do not argue with him but will make sure none of the other roosters try to mate theirs. This is not a problem in my book.

    I wouldn't consider caponizing, but that's just me.
    (Edited to fix that darn auto-correct thing. I actually <I>would </I> consider "canonizing" a really special roo.)
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