Murphys' Law in the heat lamp dept.

Baymen Moe

12 Years
Jan 17, 2009
Pembroke, Ma.
Well, my chicks which are around 5 weeks old let me know the other day that it was time to remove the heat lamp. They were brooded in the coop and are thriving. I had the lamp raised up to almost 4 feet in my 8x8 coop and the other morning not one chick was even close to the heat zone. Last night was their first night without the light and all went well with low temps in the 50's.

On to tonight. The forecast is for low temps tonight in the low to upper 40's. The chicks are well feathered. So, do I set up the lamp again just for tonights low temps to be safe, or leave it out?

Thanks for any replies,

5 weeks upper 40's I bet they will be fine in a snug coop. I take out lights at 6 weeks when nights get into low 40's or even upper 30's. Just make sure they aren't piling and they will be fine!

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