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    So I've been saving eggs from our flocks (turkey and chickens) to set today... but it just figures that when I went to collect eggs two days ago that one of the ducks lined a nest with feathers and starting yesterday was sitting on 7 eggs so I snuck 6 turkey eggs under her.
    I've been a bit suspicious of one of my BCM hens for the past two days and sure enough she's made up her mind two... and she's on 7 BCM eggs that I just left in there testing my suspicions [​IMG]
    SO now there's more room in the bator for even more eggs [​IMG]
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    Jan 10, 2010
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    Apr 12, 2011
    your very lucky, I have no broody anything and I am starting to get alot of eggs. My small incubator is full and my lg incubator isnt working quite right cant keep the temp at 100. It has an electric thermastate, next time I'm going with something else.

    All my chickens, ducks, turkeys, guines and geese are layandruns, never know for sure where I'll find the eggs.

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