Muscle contractions causing extreme, paralizing pain?


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Feb 21, 2009
So the muscles in my feet, calves and hands have been contracting lately, and it hurts an insane amount when it happens. It normally happens in my feet, and a year or two ago, it would just happen occasionally. but now its happening about everyday. it just happened again and the muscles contracted so much my toes where bent towards the bottom of my foot. as soon as it happened, i screamed and my body pulled itself in and i couldn't move, i could barely breath. i was lying on my bed speechless praying for it to end. the last time it happened in my calf muscle, i was literally paralized from the pain. i could not move or speak, and i was just trying to keep breathing. each time it would contract more i'd gasp, but i couldn't make any noise. i really want to know what is causing these muscle contractions because they really hurt and i would like them to stop happening. any ideas? thanks.
You need to talk to a DR. to find out WHY it's happening...

Worse comes to worse and they can't figure it out, they can give you some muscle relaxers to that will help.
A doctor is in order! I had the same thing happen when I was younger and am told it is low magnesium. I took mag vitamins for a while and it stopped. Now that I have stopped growing however, I get them from time to time and just take an extra vitamin. Now, I am not a doctor and what I am saying is only a possibility. I would talk it over with your parents and get yourself checked!
I agree. It could be any number of things, some easy to fix, like low potassium (it sounds similar to what I get and I just need to get some more potassium- bananas and oj) or something more serious.

Call right now and make an appointment and get a glass of oj and a banana. It can't hurt and might help.
I agree with seeing a doctor. In the mean time there are a few things to think about. Are you getting enough fluids? Muscles, especially legs, feet and hands, will cramp up if you are dehydrated. Lots and lots of water!!

Also try drinking some tonic water. Tonic water has Quinine (sp)in it. This is what my doctor gave me when I was having problems with cramps. Only need to drink a glass a day to have the same effects of meds. DO NOT drink if you are on the antibiotic Biaxin

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eat banana's, beans and spinach! high in potassium. also water ,might be dyhydrated.
my sister got diabieties and gets them alot!!!! Dr will help you,hopeyou feel better
It does sound like low potassium or magnesium, but if you are covered by insurance, you may as well go see your doctor.

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