Muscovies Prohibited??!

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9 Years
Feb 23, 2010
So, what's this I hear about a law against Muscovies? Sounds rather silly. Can someone explain?
Some places they go feral by people turning them loose. Or by excaped ones.. Places where this happen may have a ban on them.. But around here there is no ban.. But still not many people own them...
Thanks for the links, I'll read up on that. Wasn't planning on them any time soon, but that would be a real shame for others...
That is the whole point, the new FEDERAL regulation is going to ban them throughout the USA as of the end of this March.
well... i am keeping mine. i am breeding mine and i will not sell my ducklings to people for meat. i will sell them to good homes with people who know what they are doing and won't set them free. of course i can not be 100% sure, but i am not going to sell them knowing they will end up on someone's dinner table. i will give my ducklings at chance at life the best i can. if i could keep them i would. but i can't tell my drake not to mount my girl. he's already mad at me as it is lol. these people just make me mad!
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