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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by EatonsatCantas, Dec 22, 2014.

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    We were given 2 baby Muscovy ducks that we added to our chicken clan. I have to admit they have SO much more personality than chickens!! Up until about a month ago they were very tame and wanted us to rub their backs....we think they thought we were males that were going to "service" them. But they have become more stand-offish - still very friendly but not wanting a cuddle anymore. About 2-3 weeks ago one of them (both females) decided she didn't want to stay the night in the chicken area and began sleeping on the concrete floor of the hanger. She then stopped eating the grain we put down for her and was not interested in any other goodies. She would go out into the grass and vines to forage but never for long and seemed to just want to sleep under some machinery all day. We could not get too close to her. Then one morning she had just keeled over and was dead. No apparent injury or infestation....very clean. So...anyone have an idea why she died? The other duck is fine and running the lives of the chickens nicely. About 6 months old.
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    They are beautiful, and I am very sorry for your loss. Only way to know how she died is by necropsy, she may have been egg bound, had some kind of infection, egg yolk peritonitis, she may have ingested some kind of metal, just all guesses of course. They hide their illnesses so well they can be just about gone before we have an inkling anything is wrong. Glad to hear the other one is healthy and in charge.
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    Sad for your loss.
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    So very sorry for your loss...sadly we never know why sometimes...

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