Muscovy Duck egg Help!


5 Years
Aug 16, 2014
Hey guys, Ryan had recently started laying eggs again a week (i think) after i took away her 22 eggs as they werent fertile. We recently got a drake and like one day here, he is already banging the females lol anyways, I put the eggs under the light and i found a dark circle on the bottom of each egg (there is only two) and around that circle is a sorta large white circle bit, idk what is happening. I saw this other post of this person who had the same thing happen to her eggs and it turned into a heart/veins etc but those pics i saw were in the days of the incubation. And my eggs were just freshly laid so i dont know whats happening, can someone help me.

Here is the pics of the dark circle on one of the eggs. please help me

Also here is the post i saw

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