Muscovy Duck Fluffed Up


5 Years
Oct 30, 2015
One of my muscovy hens, (about 2 years old) has been sort of fluffed up for the past week. Probably about half the time her feathers are puffed up around her body instead of sleek and tight the way the other ducks are. She otherwise eats fine, walks around, forages, drinks, lay eggs, etc but the fluffiness just feels off. (My parents have parrots and when they spend a lot of time fluffed up, I always take it as a symptom of them feeling unwell.)

One of my duck hens is about to go broody but I don't know which one--it already lined the nest with A LOT of down, just hasn't started sitting yet. Could she be the one and this puffiness is just a symptom of her about to brood?

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