Feb 23, 2019
High Desert, California
I have a pen with three Muscovies, one drake and two ducks. I have a duck in the pen next to them with my three chickens and rooster. The duck seems to get along with them. I was considering putting the solo duck in with the three in the neighbor pen but want to make sure I do it right. They’ve been neighbors for over a month now.

Is there anything I need to know or should I just throw them in and break it up if there’s any clear excessive aggression?

Also what are the signs of aggression I should look out for?
All Muscovy? Have they been together at all out free ranging? Aggressive behavior is when they attack and start plucking out feathers. If there is some chest bumping that can be worked out. I think you'll know aggression when you see it. But I let them be out together in a common area before tossing her inside with them in "their space"
I would think you could do it but I'd keep a watch on them to make sure there are no fights or aggressive behavior.

You say it's a " lone duck", do you mean it's a girl duck? Also what breed is it? That may make a difference but @Miss Lydia will know for sure because she's done this a lot! I'm just a runner girl and have no experience with muscovy except what I've read on here.

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