Muscovy Duckling Agressive??? HELP


Jul 17, 2016
I've just introduced a new duckling ( Piper ) to my duckling ( Kodee ) I've been very careful about introducing Piper to Kodee... But Kodee is being horribly protective! Kodee won't let Piper get close to me without biting Piper's feet and face... particularly her eyes which is what worries me the most... Any advice on what to do to fix this behavior???? These are my first ducks and I'm not sure what to do...
How old are they? You may need to keep them separated with a dividing fence for a while, till they can get along better. Give them treats at the same time, but just slow down the face to face introductions.... and keep us posted!

@Miss Lydia

these are Muscovies, perhaps ML has some insights.

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