Muscovy duckling question


16 Years
Dec 10, 2007
Central Virginia
I have a broody muscovy hen on a nest. It is very near time for the hatch. Or past time, depending on how well I counted the days.

She hasn't come off the nest for 2 days. Unless I missed it, which is possible, of course.

With chickens, I can hear the babies peeping in the nest before the hen comes off. Can you hear muscovy babies? What sort of sounds do they make?

I'm hesitant to bother the mother. I doubt that she'd appreciate it. But I'm dying to know what's going on under there!

keep on dying to know and leave her alone..If the eggs are no good she will abandon them..

the babys sound just like other ducks, but I think they not as vocal

If your duck is super tame, she might allow you to take an egg and listen. I would not crowd her, though..
My scovies are very quite in their eggs. I hatched 16 in the bator and before they hatched I could only hear them when my head was right up near the window. I doubt you could hear them under the broody. After they hatch as long as they are not cold or lonely mine have been very quite.

I hope she has babies.

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