Muscovy ducklings in the cold


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Nov 27, 2018
I have a muscovy hen who's ducklings started hatching about 24 hours ago. There are 4 ducklings, and at least 5 more eggs that have not hatched yet. She has made her nest in an empty stall in the barn, so she is protected fairly well from drafts but we live in Canada and it is already very cold. The barn temperature is generally around 0 Celsius (but it has been -5 lately). The chicks are nestled under her, and we have added extra straw and shavings to build up some insulation. I did hang a heat lamp but given her position in the corner, I can't get it right over the nest, but it is close. I have brought water and food near her too. My question is, given the cold temperatures already, can the ducklings survive with their Mom or should I remove them and put them in a separate insulated crate with their own heat lamp/food/water, or just let Mom do her thing? Also, will the other eggs still hatch or are they more likely not to? THANK YOU SO MUCH!


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Jul 16, 2015
She can keep 4 ducklings warm at those temperatures. You don't want the heat lamp too close anyways. If they need it they will go by it. If the eggs don't hatch in the next 24 hours I would pull them. My muscovy stayed covering her ducklings almost constantly for the first week.


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Sep 11, 2018
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Glad you joined the flock! We are sure you'll love it here, so pull up a roost or a floating log, whichever you prefer!

The ducklings should be fine. If they need the heat lamp they can always go closer to it, and if they don't they can always move farther away!

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