muscovy ducklings upstairs


10 Years
Jun 8, 2009
Our muscovy duck is hatching out her first ducklings this morning.
She nested in the upstairs of our chicken coop. I read that muscovies generally nest in hollow trees, so I'm hoping she can handle getting her brood down the two ramps: however, has anyone else had muscovies nest "up high"?

We have a small pen with a coop up top (about three feet up) reached by two ramps. It opens onto a fenced garden, with a child's swimming pool that I empty every other day. We let our three chickens and two ducks out into the garden every morning and prop open the gate to the pen so they can access the nest boxes, etc.

We shut them up after dusk, when they all go "upstairs" of their own accord.

I put a chick waterer and some food next to the nest upstairs this morning, but opened the pen as usual so they can get to the swimming pool.

Any tips? Thanks!
Yes, if a high up place for them to nest is available, they will snatch the opportunity. As long as theres a ramp, they should be fine. But make sure none of the babies get ahead of their momma and go down the ramp, because a lot of the times they won't know how to get back up, and their mom won't come get them.

Have you ever heard of the mandarin duck? They're also high nesters. Here's a video you might enjoy:
That's a great clip- I've it before and it is well worth watching again!

Thank you very much for your comments. They all made it downstairs but I think the trip up is too steep for the 6! ducklings- the whole family is now nesting downstairs in a plastic tub I put on its side. Hopefully that and some straw will be cozy enough for June in NC.
OK, now I have another question.

We already lost one duckling- vanished this morning. The momma duck does not keep them very close- they kind of scatter across the garden and sometimes she goes in the coop without them. I was wondering if I should take a couple and hand raise them for a few weeks just to make sure a couple survive out of this batch. I have a feeling whatever got the yellow one this morning will be back.

Any thoughts/advice? Thanks!

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