Muscovy Ducklings will be here next week! Bedding to use?


13 Years
Aug 2, 2009
Southwestern Washington State
So we placed an order today with J.M. Hatchery for 15 muscovy ducklings!

Yes, we know there will be a ban. I've been reading that thread. We do want them to eat and will keep some as pets/egg layers, not let them escape to the wild. However we plan to enjoy the heck out of having them and we are putting our brooder from last year back together to raise these ducks.

Anyone have experience with J.M. Hatchery? They are supposed to be large muscovys.

Any advice regarding raising ducklings is welcome! It seems everyone has a different idea on bedding and that is my main question?
Lots and lots of shavings. Have fun with your ducklings. They are a bit messy, but so worth it. You will have a practically bug free yard.
I have been using newspaper since I had a problem with a chick eating the caused her to poo blood constantly
hmm.png far havent had a problem with the ducklings but the newspaper is super easy to clean up and replace. Also keeps the water somewhat localized to right around the waterer.

good luck with your new babies..i'm gonna have a bunch soon enough but im still jealous!!
I am not a duck expert by any means, but I can tell you that my Muscovy are my favorite ducks. As for the ban, As soon as I read the article that has been going around here I called some local officials ( animal control officer and game warden and they chuckled at me and said my backyard muscovy flock would be fine and not to worry.) Our animal control officer even said he has muscovies himself.

For the first couple weeks the ducklings are in my brooder (a modified 70 gallon aquarium with a homemade screen top) I use old raggedy towels, but I have an old washing machine right in the workroom I keep them in that makes that mess a little easier to deal with. After the first couple weeks I switch to just straw ( with one of those raggedy towels at the end for them to curl up with) and remove the wet and dirty parts as they get wet or dirty. Never had a problem. My biggest thing was how to keep it dry longer, and I used the method mentioned in one of the "sticky" duck threads of a pan inside a bigger pan full of bedding. (with some big stones thrown in it so they can't drown themselves) It's not perfect, but it's worked for me. I better get ready for the work, as I have new ducklings arriving TOMORROW!!!

You are soooooo going to enjoy those muscovies. They're such funny, personable ducks.

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