Muscovy Ducks and Chickens! Interesting question??????


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Jan 2, 2012
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I put this on Incubating and Hatching and I don't think anyone new what to do with it! Thought the awesome Duck folks on here might be able to help me!!!

So I am soooooooo obsessed with incubation that I have managed to over-fill my incubator! Needless to say I have an extremely difficut staggered hatch going on that is going to require presice calculations, quick hands and a calender! I filled my incubator with eggs from 2 outside sources because my girls were not laying! As soon as it filled up one of my girls started laying! One egg every other day! So obviously I had to find a way to get them in! I do all my candling at the right times and have had to throw out some clear or not forming eggs which gave me a bit of wiggle room! Someone told me a trick about getting in 5 extra eggs by rolling one egg between each row in the turner! Bit more wiggle room! I do not have good patience so I do not collect a few from my girl then put them in! She lays it and in it goes! Here is my problem! I now have 2 extra eggs that will not fit! Bator is full at 46 eggs! My question: I have 7 Muscovy Hens! I am told that breed can be very broody! I haven't had them long and they have not layed themselves yet though! If I put the 2 extra chicken eggs in the nest box in the Muscvy house will one of them pick up on it and brood them for a bit for me??????? I just need a week! Then my first 15 will be hatched and there will be enough room for the 2 eggs! HELP!!!!!!!!!
Stop setting eggs, just because they are laid doesn't make them have to be incubated. If the bator is full then it is full and you need to hatch what you have going now.

We do staggered hatches, but have a cabinet incubator so racks move top to bottom to hatcher as they progress.
It's the truth, nothing says you must incubate every egg laid. The Scovy hens may then again may not go broody since they are not currently laying. Again the best option is just not set the eggs and enjoy the breakfast or bake something.

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