Muscovy Ducks and Ducklings!


11 Years
Apr 1, 2011
Southern Maine
Large Muscovy (hatched in May and June)
1 blue and white pied drake
1 solid blue drake
1 blue and white (not quite enough to be pied) drake
1 solid black drake
1 blue fawn drake (has a little white on his head)
1 blue drake with a white head
$20 each

1 solid blue fawn hen
2 blue and white (not quite enough to be pied) hens
$30 each

Younger muscovy (hatched mid July)
6 white (some have black heads some have brown)
3 silver (one is older and featherd, that one is pied. I'm not sure about the other 2)
1 solid black
1 black and white pied
2 chocolate pied
2 black (might be pied)
and several more chocolates and a few blue fawns. Some look like they may be pied, some may be solid.
The feathered ones are $12 each, the rest are $10 each


I prefer local pickup, but will look into shipping if you are seriously interested. Please keep in mind that it is not cheap to ship live birds! The shipping that I have calculated for some people has been $50-80, depending on how many ducks you want and where you are located.

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