Muscovy ducks strange behaviour


Oct 6, 2019
Eastern Ontario, Canada
I have10 Muscovy ducks. They are in a secure coop at night, and let out each morning into their run. Usually they all come out quickly with the older drake leading the way, and head straight for the food and water. This morning none of them would come out. Later I did see them out but only for a short time, and now they are back in the coop.
Their coop is secure. I don't see any evidence of the run being opened or damaged by a potential predator.
It is cold here but no wind or rain, and they are used to these conditions.
My dog is not showing any unusual interest in sniffing around like something had been there. Any suggestions?
ps why can't I figure out how to make my thread title bold like the rest. :)

Crazy Maizie

Jul 3, 2020
I guess look around and make sure nothing has gotten into the run. Most likely the lead duck did not lead and so the others are just following suit.
My main drake isn't his normal mean self- picking on me (obviously hormone related) - and he's acting more subdued right now. It's different behavior for him. I am keeping an eye on all of my birds due to the swings in temperatures which can cause health issues.


Aug 16, 2021
Coincidence, my ducks didn't shoot out when I opened the coop door this morning and when I went to my son's to let out his ducks, 2 dashed out but not the third, and the first two soon turned around and went back inside. I actually sat and watched them for a while as I was a little surprised.

It was a cold [for us] morning but not much colder than the last few.

All the ducks were back in their coops when I went to feed them and tuck them in for the night this late afternoon. No chivvying them in or enticing them with food today. I think its just the winter weather. I'd stay in bed too if I didn't have ducks to let out at 7am!!

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