Muscovy for Sale in NC


11 Years
Oct 21, 2008
Raleigh N.C.
I have black pied, chocolate pied, solid black and solid chocolate muscovys some are also rippled. they are all together in the same pond. I will have lots of eggs, ducklings, and young adults for sale soon. Two hens have already started laying. I have never shipped eggs but I could try if someone gave me some tips. The males are very large ducks and the hens are medium.

I would be willing to trade for dewlap toulose, and or sebastopol goslings or eggs.

Eggs are $30 a dozen
Ducklings are $8 each
Males $25
Females $30

I have never sold these so I am not sure how to price them. Is this ok?

Please do not use the auction and please do not push the buy now button.

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Please share some pictures. I want to see if my neighbor wants to go in on getting some ducklings with me. Probably the chocolate muscovies for me... he just sold his pekin drakes, and I know he really wants laying female for the eggs.
Hi I will try and get pics today or tomorrow. Muscovies are great layers!

I'm still waiting for my white muscovy to lay, but she went through some rough times and then a move here, plus the winter. I'm sure she will start soon enough. I think I would like some chocolates though, the one's I've seen are so pretty.

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