Muscvoy Ducks biting each others back


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Dec 27, 2015
Orangevale, California
Hi all,
I'm new to BYC, I bought two female Muscovy ducklings last summer and they have been the cutest things. Friendly, loving, loyal, however they are now 20 weeks old. One of the ducks has been shivering and then trying to bite either my back or the other duck's back. When ever I turn she puts her beck out and tries to tackle my back with her beck. She also does this with the other duck, but the other duck hasn't done it to me before.I'm wondering if this is normal duck behavior and if she will only do this when shes sacred.
Welcome to BYC. Glad you decided to join our flock. I'm a chicken person and don't know much about ducks (although I've had a few), but definitely post on our Duck section in Other Backyard Poultry under the Forum at the top of the page and take advantage of our duck experts there. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. We are here to help in any way we can. Cheers.
Glad you joined us!!

Do you have photo's?? You might have a drake?? The nibbling is what our drake did to me before I got him more girl's.. It is a control thing.. Do your duck's have enough room to roam, swim & food at all times?
I think it is a drake as well and it is not shivering, it's getting aroused - you could check with the duck people on the "Duck thread," to see if they agree.
I'm going to have to agree, sounds like male mating behavior, muscovy are easy to sex by their size, males are twice as big as females and the will have crest feathers on the back of their heads that they raise and lower.
Thank you all for the quick responses , I'll check the duck section and post this however I'm sure they are both hens.
But here are pictures
sorry I don't have a lot of pictures but the black one is the more aggressive and the one attacking the other duck along with me.
I'll send more pictures as soon as it uploads to my computer

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