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May 23, 2017
Hello all. My name is Charlie and I'm the director of a museum in Shawnee, Kansas called Shawnee Town 1929. We have a historic flock of about 30 chickens. We are a living history museum and one of the more popular aspects of our interpretive program are the chickens. We try to keep the breeds authentic and representative of those common to Johnson County, Kansas in the late 1920's, and ours include Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Rocks (Barred, Buff, and White), and Leghorns. We have an original chicken house from the 20's that was moved to the museum grounds, and that's where our flock lives. Shawnee is a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri and we are in the middle of town, which means neighborhoods surround our museum and historic farmstead. I think they have gotten used to our chicken program 5 years in. I do have an important rooster question that I will ask in an appropriate forum. Just wanted to say howdy.


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Apr 26, 2017
Which forum are you asking it in? I have had quite a few roosters and sit often and observe them for hours so maybe i can help. Welcome to BYC!:frow


Feb 17, 2017
South Carolina
I would love to go to that museum!

  1. Hi there! You can call me CC! I decided not to put my real name out there. Welcome to BYC! I hope you enjoy it; I know I do. I am a homeschooler, working on having a homestead, and I own a farming blog with my sister.

    I love the song "Fearless" (I forgot who it's from! :lol:), I love the country and Tennessee. I have a bunny, 12 chickens, 2 ducks, 4 cats, 2 dogs and one Fancy Goldfish. (I don't think I'm forgetting anyone! :lau)

    My phone has been going a little wacky, so it might look weird! :p

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