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Just herd that a list with the sir names that begin with eter a or b was relsed, i changed my pass word. and segges that you do even if you have sir names that do not begain with a or b just to be safe. ( i belive that this was also with yheoo mail not sure tho )
Can you please explain a bit better..thanks.
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will it just said that monday some one acidently relesd or taped ( don't know wich one) hotmail and then yesterday gmail got hit by this perso or so i just herd on the T.V. and peole with the Sir ( i belive this means last name ?) name beganing with ethere A or B. and it was advisde to change your password so if some one did have the old one they would not beable to acsses your acont ? sorry for speling
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Quote: something happend with g-mail..someone hacked into it or whatever

and people with the sur-names beginning with A and B need to change their passwords ? thanks for letting us know this!
what happened wasn't that somebody released anything....... what happened is a hacker sent up a phishing site, and people tried to login to their hotmail, gmail accounts. Of course the site is put up too look like it is hotmail or gmail, and when you feed your login and password all it does is record for the Spammers to buy the list, and perpetuate spam from new names. Pretty slick and easy. Thats why myspace is one of the most spammed social networking site.

Phishing attacks like this have been going on forever, it's just about 10,000 people not paying attention got caught and now have to change their passwords.

For the record, Microsoft and Google were not hacked.

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