Mutant eggs!

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    Feb 21, 2015
    NE Oklahoma
    I have a red hybrid farm store girl in the flock, my only hybrid, dark egg layer, and had the most perfect eggs since she started laying last fall.
    About a week ago the color went crazy, then she shut down, then layed one the size of Jupiter, now they're every three days and dented, oblong, just crazy. She's healthy and happy and the rest of the flock is unchanged. It's not nutrition or disease or stress. Is this common???
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    Actually it could be nutrition, disease or stress.......
    ...or it could be an anatomical anomaly in that particular bird that just now manifested,
    not unprecedented in hybrid layers.

    Need more info....
    adding your location could help folks give more viable answers/solutions,
    number and ages of all chickens,
    size of coop and run (feet by feet),
    exactly what and how you are feeding,
    any changes to population and/or housing and/or predator events.
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    Feb 21, 2015
    NE Oklahoma
    I'm in NE Oklahoma, and the weather is indeed unseasonably awful.
    She is right at a year old, there are two that are 13 months, and 3 that are 9 months old.
    Their coop is about 3x5 with 3 boxes and 3 roosts, with a run of 5x10 x 5 tall with 2 roosts, and they free range in the evenings and on weekends, and have been together for 2 months.
    They're on layena pellets out of a full feeder, and sometimes a few tomatoes or lettuce.
    Other than the weather there have been no events that I know of, and she's otherwise unchanged. Just doesn't make any sense...
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