mutliple breeds, Sex questions?

Princess Laya

9 Years
May 4, 2010
Ok, so I am a total novice and this is my first flock of chickens. No one has laid an egg yet and no one has crowed... hmmmm. $ of them have bumps where spurs should be but no one has any spurs. I have not seen any sexual behavior. I am getting very impatient waiting to figure out who is really a hen! How long does it take to see some definitive signs, like crowing or spur development? I fear that my australorp is male because or the two longer feathers starting to grow from the tail. Then I got worried about the rest of them as well. I thought for sure they were all girls since they have all been so quiet for so long. I did the best I could to get pictures... darn chickens would not hold still!

1 rhode island red, 1 buff orpington, 1 red tone easter egger with no puff: all hatched on March 1




1 black australorp: hatched on March 15th


1 coocoo morans, 1red tone easter egger with puffy cheeks, and 1 buff toned easter egger with puffy cheeks: all hatched on March 29th




Any comments would be helpful! Thanks!!!
All girls and by the looks of them, if they are free range, you need to go on an egg hunt... yeah, even an Easter Egg hunt!!!
Lock them in the coop for a couple of days and see if they are laying. Put something in the nest box that looks like an egg, like a golf ball or a store bought egg. EEs seem to like hiding eggs, especially. The others might be following their lead.
Are you feeding them a layer feed or giving oyster shell? Hens need extra calcium.
I have been keeping them in at night and then letting them roam my back yard during the day. They are locked up until I let them out each morning. I am totally going to look all over the place today and see if I can find anything hiding under their favorite bushes. I've kept them in as late as 10am thinking that maybe I'd see an egg. For some stupid reason, I felt bad keeping them in longer. I AM SUCH A NEWBIE!!! Will a hen really wait and hold an egg until she gets outside?

I switched them to laying ration about two weeks ago. And I have oyster shell available. Hmmmmm.

You guys think that even my black chicken is female even though her tail is getting longer???

yes, they will. my girls won't lay until they are let out, but they go back into the coop to lay. they just don't like being stuck in there, i guess. it must stress them out.
i can imagine if a hen lays outside of the coop she definitely would "hold it" lol :)

& i myself actually have a black sex link with an extremely long tail, and she's definitely a girl :)
I think your Australorp is a girl- I have several and they almost all seem to have rather extravagant tail feathers just like yours (it's certainly alarming until you get used to it- I thought 4 out of 5 of my last batch were roos but I was totally wrong). If it was a roo you should definitely know it by now.

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