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    Jun 18, 2008
    i might sell mutt eggs sometime soon and i was wondering, who would be interested? there is no gauruntee when i would sell and if i even will. it will depend on how many people offer, and how many eggs i get. some of the eggs might be purebreed too.
    list of birds i have:
    1 roo
    1 hen

    2 hens and
    1 mutt roo half RIR half buff. VERY PRETTY!

    black sex links:
    1 roo
    2 hens

    buff orps:
    2 hens
    1 roo ( roo has black tail feathers and black tip wings. so i dont know for sure if he is pure breed)

    porcelain d'uccle bantams:
    1 hen
    1 roo

    and i will most likely (some time around easter something like that) buy silkie pullets so get ready for those!

    tell what you would like to see crossed in my flock or what you would like to see together. offer on eggs and once my dad gives me the ok i could send them to you.
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    I have plenty of eggs but you should try Ebay, you could prob. get around 3$ per dozen, if shipping was cheap.


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