My 13wk old is crowing nonstop.


Jun 4, 2022
Is there a way to stop this behavior? I really dont want to piss off my neighbors much more than this already probably has.
It's actually kinda cute, sorry.
Is he having a crowing contest will another bird? Are you keeping him, at least for now? There are 'no crow' collars, but don't recommend them, for his safety.
He might slow down the production as he matures, hopefully.
The problem is she's a hen. Or at least is supposed to be. No spur nubs, acts like a hen about everything else (started submissive crouching and stuff). And while it's super cute and I personally love it she'll start at like 530am sometimes and I'm in the city. I don't want my neighbors going nuts.
I don't have any experience, but I don't like leaving threads unanswered. There is a comprehensive post on BYC: Hope this helps!
Are the littles ones behind the crower the same breed/age? If so I would definitely say this one is a cockerel. He looks vastly different from them and the ones behind look like hens to me.
Here is a video i just took interrupting their chill out session.

The la fleche (Hapi) is the oldest at (estimated) a little over a year (and she's also top of the pecking order).

The littlest one (Min) is an Australorp and the adopted older sister of the big girl (Max), who is a Jersey Giant.

That might be the confusing part lol.


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