My 2 Buff Brahmas...6 weeks old...Pullets? *NEW PICS AT 8 WEEKS


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Apr 22, 2012
New Hampshire
The infamous question.....
Pics below ate at 2 weeks then at 6 weeks....

"Snuggles" 2 wks

And at 6 weeks....

Now "Sally" at 2 weeks....

And Sally at 6 weeks...

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Yeahh i think they are pullets too!!
They are very pretty...
Thanks guys! "Snuggles " keeps me confused...her/his comb seems bumpier than Sallys......I SOOOO want 2 hens......and I dont think I could part with either one!!!!
Does anyone know if it is common for two pullets of the same breed to look a bit different? I guess I would expect them to look like twins but have been able to tell them apart very easily since I got them....just wondering!
Updated 8 week pictures....


Yes this is the same bird, just the comb shot from both sides...and a little different lighting. They are both sweet as pie so I certainly cant tell by demeanor! Thanks again for looking!
pullets, i have a buff brahma roo,and by that point his face was already red and he was growing some serious wattles.
I think the main thing that freaks me out is that they look is leaner and more buff, the other bigger with more black splotches. I keep watching the wattles, and really nothing to speak of from either!

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