MY 2 cents on The Genesis Incubator and using egg cartons


Jan 16, 2008
Hi all, I just hatched out 30 out of 38 eggs, I had black leghorns, blue orp/cherry egger(sexlink) , splash orp/ buff orp, and splash orp/blue andalusians eggs. I used the Hovabator Genesis and egg cartons on the 18th day and hatched the eggs inside the carton. My point??? I recommend them both, this was my first time ever hatching and I am happy with my incubator and decision to take SOOO many of your advice and try the egg cartons. Pics of my hatch can be found on Raising Baby chicks forum on here. thanks everyone for ALL the great advice you give on EVERYTHING, I`m glad to be a part of this awesome BYC Forum. I`ve had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people on here. Tony
Congratulations! 30 out of 38 is a great hatch, especially for your first one.
Did you immediately reload the incubator? LOL

Congrats on the good hatch. Very cute chicks. I looked at the pics. Glad your enjoying company here.
You are making me so jealous!!!! My genesis won't be here until Monday according to UPS. This is the longest week of my life, LOL!

That is an awesome hatch! Congratulations! You should now post pics of those pretty babies

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