My 2 Month Old Adolescent Flock

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    I have a dozen chicks this year, but I will only be butchering 3 – the rest I have decided to keep so that I have chicks in the Spring of 2011 by all of the ones mentioned below. The keeper pullets are all so pretty that I want some offspring by them - but now Eliana has thrown a monkey wrench in the mix by playing gender-bender games; so I gotta get that figured out soon. I’m going to try to make sure I have at least one egg by every keeper to place under a brooder. This is only my second year of raising a small flock so I am hoping to accomplish this feat; LOL. At any rate we are having fun with them!

    The 3 Queen Bees in my flock: Yochoved the reigning primary pullet, Peninah, and Eliana with her pretty blue feet; Eliana can get pretty mean with Peninah

    Hubby swears he saw Eliana crow this morning – I don’t think pullets crow; cockerels do … and by the looks of this picture of Abidah, my Delaware Rooster and Eliana, it appears that Eliana is a pullet unless I have freaky chicks! In which case, one of them is definitely going down the road … maybe someone here can help with gender ID? Obviously if Eliana is indeed ANOTHER ROOSTER I will have to rename the bird Esig if I keep it ...

    Henya the Rhode Island Red, Havva the Wellsummer, my primary cockerel, Tov the Orpington, and Eliana the whiskered Americauna; Tov just got his voice this past week and I love it! Not sure what the neighbors think, but I'm enjoying hearing him sound off; a little weak since he's only 2 months old:

    My 2 cockerels and their primary mate choices: Tov and Yocheved, which are Orpingtons & Abidah and Peninah, which are Delawares; Tov rules the flock and he diligently protects Yocheved

    Keshet, the petite and exotic 2nd Americauna really makes me work to capture her in a photo shoot:

    The Coco Maran ‘spoiler’Coco Maran is Chana.

    THANKS SO MUCH to the people who replied to my querry about posting pics here - I APPRECIATE IT [​IMG]

    Yu'all free to visit my Blog for near daily updates on my Urban Homestead and my chickens’ hijinx with accompanying pictures @: Owl Nest - Urban Homesteading Blog

    Every day it’s something new happening with the chicks, Seaira (the hellion cat) and my beautiful wolf Precious ... Chase, the old gray cat is a mellow fella; LOL
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