My 2 year old Buff laying half hard half soft shells for about a month now...


Jan 22, 2016
New Hampshire
My nearly 2 yr old buff has been laying a half soft half hard ...sometimes all soft shell egg every other day for about a month now. Just came out of her first molt about 2 months ago and now this....
Feeding Nutrena to my whole flock and supplementing oyster shells and still nothing..
Any other thoughts....?
Had a reall odd "molt" (I thought anyway) lost all her feathers on her butt area and really appeared red and raw but all grown back in and looks and acts as healthy as ever but now this with the eggs....
Thanks in advance for any of the flock is doing well and laying nicely just this ole girl....
Soft eggs are usually from stress or from a defect or glitch in the system. She's not real old, but old enough perhaps to have some troubles. Where are you located where your birds molted two month ago?
Northern NE....I assumed it was a molt because she lost all her rear feathers and looked pretty ragged for about a month and had stopped laying....I did introduce a rooster about 5 months ago and he has coop about the same time as she was coming out of (what I thought was a molt) ...we have talked about removing the rooster as he is pretty dominant with the 12 girls he's with.....
The half and half is odd I thought...I found a couple soft shells then went to half and half and I figured she was coming out of it but it has just continued....
She was a very productive hen at one point ....
Naked butt in summer doesn't sound like a true molt, hard to say what caused that.

What nutrena formula are you feeding and what other foods are they given?
Tho that might not matter if all the other girls are producing well.

Some birds are just not good and consistent producers...... I have a few of those.

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