My 23 week old babies

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    Apr 3, 2015
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    These girls are huge!! I knew that buff orpingtons were large birds but my barred rocks are big girls too. These are all hatchery quality birds. I still think they are gorgeous!!! My barred rocks are named Shiny and Tiny and yup I can tell them apart! Tiny is a good bit smaller than Shiny and she has a solid black spot on her chest. My BO is named Chicken Nugget. Nugget. The 4th girl I got at the same time has gone over the rainbow bridge. Sweet Pepper was a Cookoo Maran. She started trying to lay eggs way too young and she left us last week. [​IMG] Just haven't shared in a while. I'm up to 7 birds! Love them all so differently! [​IMG]
    My older girls a little over a year old now with my dog Gus.
    Pearl was listening to me talk lol.
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    Nice flock! Gus looks like he is enjoying his chickens. I was amazed at how well our son's lab adjusted to our chickens. We watch her carefully when she is around them but she quickly figured out (with our gentle verbal cautions) that they were not game birds. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Love mixed flocks!
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    They are all just beautiful! I'm sorry about your loss. Yes, chickens are the best!
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    Looks like you have a nice flock there! [​IMG]

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