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    I have 3 moscovy ducks. Two of them are all white with a red bump at the too of there nose. My other one is all white but with red starting to come across there eyes and a slightly bigger bump on nose. The bump is no comparison as its not hugely different just a little. But my other 2 definitely do not have red coming across there eyes. Do I have 2 girls and 1 boy. There about 19 - 20 ish weeks old. When will they lay and if I do have a boy when will he do his boy thing. Also my ducks are really quiet don't even hear boo out of them. If I do have a boy will he be like a rooster and be loud. I'm still learning about my ducks help needed.
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    Muscovy's are called the quackless ducks because they don't quack, only time I have ever heard a quack out of mine was when I had to catch one to clip a wing, But even then it was only a few that did it. Ducks make a trilling noise and drakes hiss. But at 20 weeks you shouldn't have any problem telling drake from ducks, drakes will be huge ducks petite. drakes have thick legs set farther apart under their bodies ducks have slimmer legs set closer together to when they walk it almost looks like they will step own their own feet. Drakes have longer bodies ducks remind ya of a football sort of ovalish. Mine usually start to lay around 6 months old. Mating will usually start around 5-6 months of age.
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