My 3 week old light brahma is a "pecker"


8 Years
May 13, 2011
New Jersey
Hi, 3 1/2 weeks ago we bought three Rhode Island Reds, 3Light Brahmas and 1Easter Egger chicks to raise for eggs. My three children love them!
However, there's one light brahma that pecks at them every time they pay attention to their "chosen" chick.
Any suggestions on how to stop our jealous chick from pecking whenever it's not the center of attention?
Take your index finger (or have them do it with supervision of course) and tap the "pecker" on the top of the head until it backs down. If neck feathers flare (a challenge) and it comes back, repeat until it backs down. Even the chicks that have bitten me never did it again after that. I had one stubborn pullet that it took 3 taps before she gave up.
It might be bored. You can place some feed on the floor of their coop so they can peck and scratch at this. I also gave mine coarse sand and they loved it.

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Yup, my husbands parents raised chickens when he was hounger, like 3 dozen or more chickens, and he said they would always tap them or flick them (mainly the Roos) in the head till they backed down! They do learn!
Thanks and thank you for the welcome! I love this site, everyone is so helpful. I followed your tapping advice yesterday. Although she still pecks at times it has come down considerabily...thanks

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