My 4 week old chicks are 'crying'?


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7 Years
May 27, 2012
Canada, British Columbia
Hi! This is the first time we are raising chicks, and this afternoon they are crying. The inside temp is 20-21 and I started turning the light off two days ago. They are in a large box from a dishwasher. They are crying after we had them out to play. Is is possible they just want to come out? They are eating and pecking as usual, just making a bunch of noise. We only have 4 chicks and 8 chickens.

I tried putting the light back on but, it didn't make any difference.

They are fully feathered, just a few tufts on the head. Can I put them out in the yard with the chickens for an hour of supervised outdoor time or is it too soon. I plan to start integrating them next week. Thanks!


7 Years
Mar 5, 2012
If it is warm outside, like over 65 degrees F, then you could put them out for some supervised playtime, or you could go dig up a clump of grass and dirt and put it in their brooder, they may simply be bored.

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