My 4 week old died! No warning, no sickness


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Mar 3, 2018
My beautiful SLW hen is 4 weeks this Friday. This morning I was cleaning their bedding, food and water.
I noticed she seemed... Idk. I pet them all and we hold them each. I smiled at her snuggle into my hand. I picked her up. She's so sweet so incident think anything .I went to put her back and she wouldn't leave me. Instead crept back onto my hand and snuggled more into me.
I became worried and watched her closely. She drank. But then moved little bits and slept a lot.
I decided to take her out and see if she perked up. She didn't. I started electrolytes and she still didn't perk up.
My poor baby died shortly after.
None of the other chicks are sick....
I thought she was healthy though I did notice she's been growing slower.
I just don't get it, I've researched so many chick deaths and non of this fits.
Any thoughts?
Welcome! So sorry for your loss.
Every chick doesn't survive, for many reasons, including a lot of things that just can't be fixed. Something wrong 'internally' is very possible.
Only a necropsy will give you answers, if you want to find out.

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