My 4 year old leghorn stopped laying gigantuous eggs?


7 Years
May 24, 2012
She has always layed enormous eggs not real consistent though. About a month and a half ago she had yolk coming out of her so I soaked her in a tub and made sure to get any egg parts out of her. After a couple days she perked back up but ever since she hasn't layed an egg. Does anyone think because she lays such big eggs mabey she can't handle it anymore?
Oh dear. I suspect the reason she stopped laying is because she is laying them into her abdominal cavity, or may have EYP since she had yolk running out of her. Has her abdomen swelled at all since she's had these problems?
You need to examine your bird. Nighttime is the best time to get them. Chickens usually don't complain about illness or pain. You have to do that for them.
I caught her, looked at her vent clean as a whistle. Felt for swollen abdomen or swollen anywhere and everything seems fine. Any other suggestions everyone? Should I just figure that's normal for her? Could she just be in some kind of egg cycle?Or do they do that?I took a picture of her and I will be uploading it tonight.

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