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    Sep 20, 2012
    Hello, fellow chickeners!

    I needed a coop for my fun chickens. I am raising serama for show, so I have numerous chickens inside a heated area behind the garage, but my heart just beats for frizzled cochins and silkies, so I needed to build a coop out back. The serama are segregated to breed for specific traits, so they are in small runs/cages. (not small for them)

    I needed to go simple - minimal cutting and measuring, so I went for a 4x8. I figured this way would allow for me to use 2x4 without cutting, and those I do cut would only need to be cut in half. Sides would be 4x4 (again, one cut) and the front back would be an intact 4x8.

    Well, it doesn't really work out that way, of course! To frame up the 4x8 you need two 8 foot 2x4's and 7 45" 2x4's, so additional cutting was needed!

    It's neighbor makes fun of me - she says it's the only chicken coop that is "up to code"

    haha! I guess all the homes I build on mission trips has me building a little more substantial than I need to! Oh well, it will be here a long time, I guess!

    My chickens will be free range most of the time, but I am building a run on the side for new chickens to get aquainted of the area and for the serama who are on a "breeding break".


    The pic above was taken before additional trim was added with mesh over the front windows. There is additional ventilation on the door now, as well as a vent on the opposite side and a roof vent.

    I'll take more pics when it is done!
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    Very nice,


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