my 5 week old RIR chick has 1 curled toe


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Mar 27, 2008
I received 27 chicks 5 weeks ago, I just noticed that the RIR chick's outside toe is curled out. Is it too late to try to splint it? She is walking normally, I feel bad that I did'nt notice sooner. Can anyone give me any advice?
Five weeks old may be a bit old to splint it, but you can try if she lets you. She's still growing so there is a chance that it can recover. Since she's getting around fine though, I wouldn't worry about it.
Thanks for the advise, I found a wooden Q-tip and some extra long bandaids in my first aid kit at work. I will try it in the morning. I tried bending it straight yesterday, but I didn't want to force it, it wouldnt go all the way straight. If I splint it, maybe it will straighten gradually? I'm new to all this - we have 3 Rir's who are almost a year old and have had no problems (knock on wood) they are angels and we love them to death! I want this one to be ok. Thanks again and if it doesn't work, then maybe it will be ok since she can walk fine.
maybe some stretchy bandage would work gradually, if you're not able to straighten it with the toothpick..

do you give vitamins?
sometimes curled toes are a sign of Vitamin B12 deficiency..
if you don't have chick vitamins, you could try Poly-vi-sol childrens' vitamins..1-2 drops in beak once a day for a week then taper off.

chick vitamins would be good for all the chicks.

might be a good idea to watch and see if this chick is being bullied away from food and water.
I have been giving them Quick Chick that I mix with their water. It has vitamins and electrolites. She seems to get along with the others fine, she was actually snuggling with the others last time I looked in on her. After I write, I will try to splint her up. Her weight is the same as the others, there are 5 other RIR babies her age. I do have liquid bird vitamins that I give to our squirrel, maybe I can give her some also. Thanks so much for the advice.

I just love this forum, there is so much to learn about these wonderful feathery balls of love!!
I did get the splint and bandaid on her toe. She was so cooperative. What a good girl! When I put her back with the others, they didn't even notice and she mingled right into the crowd. A couple of hours later I checked her, and the bandage is still in tact and she seems fine. At least I tried, if it doesn't work then I feel assured that she should be ok.
Thanks for the advice!

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