My 5 week pics! Post yours too!

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    Mar 19, 2018
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    so, the chicken lady at the Wilco store said they could live in the water trough (bottom pic) until they were a few months old well now or at five weeks and they outgrew that so we put them in a “dog yard” and they have a little more room and seem to be happy! post pics of your five week-ish babies and what you have them in if they are not in an outside coop! Ours are in the garage still.

    Any tips and tricks you have learned? We are new to owning chickens obviously! Lol BEDC2D4D-5F34-4C32-BE21-E02F4ADB2A1F.jpeg 8D458D1D-8E4B-450E-9CEB-29AC0D3B0BDC.jpeg
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