my 6 week old chickens are big chickens!!!!


11 Years
Sep 24, 2008
Graham Wa.
I mean they are scaredy cats lol
They will not leave the coop and go outside in the run, no matter what I do.

Any suggestions???
If I were you I would let them just do their thing
They will go out when they are ready, do not force them. I have chicks that are 5 weeks and they ar ejust starting to go out now and it has taken them two weeks!! Well I hope it helps, good luck.
take them out --- lock them out of the coop for the day and when it is night time --- catch them and lock them in the coop at night

rinse and repeat
My 5 week old chickens wouldn't leave the coop either. I was surprised because they had been outside in the coop from the start and I thought they would be excited to go outside. It took them several days to venture out. Some of them took longer. It was interesting that the 2 week old babies went out the first and second days. I guess it depends on the chicken.
Mine are 6 weeks, and I changed the bedding in their coop. We have 30 + chickens and so i didn't want htem in the coop when i cleaned it. we took the easy going one and put her outside and soon more followed. there were a few I did force out and once they were all the way out they didn't come back in so when i was finished I had to catch all but 5 and put them back in. Now they are all scared of me
Oh well, i guess they'll get over it.

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