my 7 week old chicks love their veggies


10 Years
May 11, 2009
Orange, Texas
seriously love their veggies

they get super excited when i give them grass clippings

last night we had some fajitas and i chopped up half a head of lettuce --- i tossed the leftovers in their pen and it was all gone by morning except for the core - and they are still working on that

last week we had taco salad and there was a lot leftover --- they ate it all over night

i am thinking about not feeding them all the table scraps so that they eat more of their feed --- it seems as if they are more interested in all the other stuff and use their feed as a last resort (except for the 2 silkies who like to bathe in the chick feed)
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As long as they're healthy you just keep spoiling them rotten!!
Oh yeah! My chickies too love their treaties. One man's compost is another chickie's treat! Even my mother in law is sending chicken treats home with him now. She sent watermelon rind and canteloupe guts and some mixed vegetables home with him yesterday.

Nom nom nom!
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omelette'smom :

As long as they're healthy you just keep spoiling them rotten!!

its more like they are spoiling me --- i don't have to toss stuff in the garbage any more and feel guilty about it --- now they take care of the leftovers for me​
You are correct. The treats should suppliment the feed rather than replace it so they get as much balance in their diet as possible. Good Luck

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