My 8 week old black copper marans.


10 Years
Apr 21, 2009
Looks like alot of roos to me :( maybe a couple pullets im hoping for atleast 3 pullets anyone care to hazard some guesses. Does there tail feathering have anyhting to do with it cause some of them have like hardly any tail feathers while others are fully tail feathered. Also there is 1 amercauna looks like a pullet to me but what do you guys think? As for the silkies i wouldnt even hazard to ask anyone to make a guess at this age.

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I was unable to look at the pictures, but our experience for the most part is that the hens will develop their tail feathers first and thus at the right age, they will appear longer while the males are like little puffs with a few feathers sticking out. Not 100% though.
Hard to tell at this stage by their tail feathers, but by combs and coloring, I think 4 to 5 roos. The Ameraucana also looks like a pullet to me.
3-4 cockerels is what i see for now from that pic. the copper will come in around both the cockerels and pullets hackles first then the cockerels will start to develop it on the wings and saddles. closer pics of their combs and i side profile would help
So far post are of the same opinon of me 3 or 4 roos which is kinda about average i might take a few more pics in a week or so maybe some close ups and see what the opinon is then thx guys for your replies.

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