My addiction has set in already!


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Aug 15, 2009
Hamilton, Georgia
So we just got our first chickens this past weekend and I just ordered an incubator! I really cant resist!
I cant wait to get it and get some eggs in there!!!! WOOO HOOO! I just wanted to let everyone know and get some opinions too! I got the Genesis (Hova-bator 1588 preset) with the 1610 turner and a candler!! I got it from Cutler and let me tell you they are amazing!!! I was going to order off of ebay but then went to their site. Since this is my first time I decided just to call them and tell them what I needed. (To be sure I got everything I needed and make sure I got the right things) The kind woman on the phone walked me through everything and was very nice! She got all my information and even waited patiently on the phone since I wanted to pay with Paypal! I told her it was sent and she said they would get my new little bator right out!!! Im sooooo excited! I just had to share!!! Now its off to deciding what I want to put in it!

I have a hovabator 1602 with the auto turner. Eggs are in it as I type.

This will be my first hatch and I've got some Welsummers, Barred Rocks and Black/Splash Orpingtons in it. It's so exciting!

So now you can browse the hatching eggs section and pick what you want to hatch. So many choices!
You are doomed. It starts with one incubator and DEVOLVES over time. I have two little incubators and a "new" antique redwood cabinet bator... omg... the temptation of six trays for hatching can drive you even further round the bend.

I can see this happening. The whole "lets get some chickens" idea was mine, but I think my husband actually loves them more then me! He says he has drawn the line with one bator and I giggled and told him to wait until he sees the babies and he will change his mind haha. I do think he would have my head if he came home from work and found 6 trays of them though!!!!

I keep checking my email every half hour for shipping conformation... Im getting reaaaaallllllyyyy antsy!
I have a hova bator 1602N Still Air (Sometimes with a fan ) and I hand turn. and I tell you what there is no better sense of accomplishment than hand turning eggs three times a day and then to have the little peeps piping and running about knowing that you spent time and effort doing it. unfortunately I do not have free reign of my addiction. any eggs that I want to get to go in there have to go through my restraints aka parents
for some reason I can only get one hooked and is all for babies the other well
.... wishes he was in the country already then it would be like a three year old with unlimited money in a candy store !
but sadly is temporarily stuck in city until the house in country is built. so has to get the one parent that is hooked and team up against the other one and get really big eyes and say Pleaseeee ! to the conclusion of "not until we move or at least wait until the house is almost finished."

Any whooo !

Good luck with your new obsession
.... Addiction
I mean hobby ! yeah hobby is the right word.
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If your girls are laying fertile eggs you should start with them or try to get some free eggs locally. I leanrend my lesson the hard way with a very poor hatch rate from my shipped silky eggs. I had a hard time with the humidity at lockdown.

Congrats and good luck
Yippee! The bator got here today! I set it up and put the turner in it and have it running. I think ill put some eggs in it Monday. I have to get a thermometer and hydrometer tomorrow morning. Ill be asking my husbands aunt, who has about 40 chickens, if I can get some "test" eggs from her (she doesnt hatch any they just go in the fridge)!
Oh btw, to all my "enablers" im getting a second bator at the end of the month hahaha I already have it paid for

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