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14 Years
Apr 17, 2007
Western Colorado
I am giving this photo posting stuff a shot, hope it works! We ran into our friend at the store and SHE talked us into 6 chicks.... Well, actually I think we started with 2 or 3, and of course I caved and we ended up with 6. THEN, a couple days later I went back and got 4 more, and THEN another few days and I went and got 6 more! So, we have 16 new chicks to compliment the 2 Roos and 8 hens we have out back. We have 9 assorted straight run bantams, and the rest are pullets. Here are some pix of their first night home. They were ZONKED!


Two baby girls

Rough moving day

Pooped out

And last but not least, the fancy brooder! They are happy as can be, warm and toasty and doing well!
The chicks look great. Now I know what to do with my old truck tool box!

When you post pictures if you could note in the title that it is pic heavy the dial up users on the forum would really appreciate it.
What a cool brooder! I'll have to show DH that one. And the chicks are adorable too! I know all about your addiction! I have 6 hens out in the chicken tractor, 16 chicks/keets in the garage brooder and 6 bantam chicks/ducks in the house brooder. And I went to a local feed store today JUST to see if they had anything chirping inside. I was so disappointed when they didn't. Of course, my DH was relieved! hehe

I guess pretty soon you'll have to change your user name to "A Few" dozen chickens. LOL

All these baby chick pics are helping me pass the time waiting for my own babies to arrive. They are just so darn cute! Thanks for posting and your little ones are adorable!
Sure thing, tool box is making a GREAT brooder!

Hmm, I imagine heavy means "large". After I posted my pix, I went to see how they turned out and I noticed they are a lot larger than most. Do you usually shrink them? Thanks!
Terri~ This will just give you a little extra time to get the brooder ready, and then you will be all set to fill it with sweet little peepers.

I wasnt sure what everyone would think of our brooder, ha ha. I thought we had some large totes in the garage, but we have our house on the market and apparently took the empty totes to the storage. OOPS. I was SCRAMBLING when we got home with the first 6 chicks, and then that was sitting there, and I thought- PERFECT!

I dunno, the ones you describe sound like maybe there just might be something that you dont yet have, that was my theory. HA HA!
You are absolutely right! My daughter saw my name last night and said the same thing... HA HA.... My father in law is going to be coming out within the next month to help build a bigger coop, and I will be SURE to have them leave some extra space, 'just in case'.

I cant wait to see yours when they arrive!
I love the pictures of them asleep with their necks stretched out or buried in the shavings. Mine have been sleeping like that also and it's so funny looking.

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