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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Frozen Feathers, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. Frozen Feathers

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    May 4, 2007
    As most of you probably know I adopted Hazel, a RIR pullet from Seachick and her daughter. She's been here since Tuesday. Hazel is the sweetest girl, already eating out of my hand and "talking" to me. [​IMG] You can tell she was really spoiled and loved at her former home.

    Today I took her out for a supervised free range session to meet the other girls. I threw out some scratch so that kept everyone occupied and let Hazel down to explore. She wandered around but didn't go too far from me. Some of the girls came over to check her out, but I didn't let them get too close. I'm trying to introduce her without a "war" so whenever someone thought if starting something I told them to get. Overall it went pretty well, my Phoenix roo was being pretty good about keeping his girls in line and only a few tried to start something.

    The my bratty little cockerel Hiro came over and started to dance and I chased him off, but he kept coming back. [​IMG] He's so stubborn! Well I think Hazel didn't know what to think of him and she flew up and sat on my shoulder, lol and a frustrated Hiro wandered off to harass other girls and drive his dad nuts. Hazel has never seen a rooster so I think he sort of scared her. Now she's back in her section happily munching away on her feed. Gave her some pumpkin, too. [​IMG] Just thought I'd share.
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    She sounds like a sweet girl! Hopefully she will learn to chase that Hiro away! [​IMG]
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    Apr 25, 2007
    Southern Maine
    Yay!! We were wondering how Hazel was doing.... Olivia will be so happy to read this when she gets home from school. Has she laid any eggs yet? Probably not since everythings so new, on the other hand she laid when she was "in jail" inside here, so maybe?

    That's funny that she flew up to your shoulder. She used to sit on my husband's shoulder when she was younger.

    Please keep us updated, its so great to know she has a loving new mom.


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