My adopted grandpa shot himself in the hand HELP!!

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    Apr 16, 2011
    My adopted grandpa lost his wife of 22 years 5 years ago in September. He still has a lot of issues with that. Well last night he had his nine mm out and he shot himself in the hand. No he did not shot himself on purpose he had the clip out but had forgotten that he had a bullet in the chamber. My mom and I have told him time and time again to be more careful with his guns but like he has been telling everyone he got over confidant and messed up. He had the gun pressed up to the palm of his left and he pulled the trigger he can not remember why he even pulled the trigger. He told the Doctors that he was not thing about or trying to kill him self but he later told my mom that he did at one point have the gun to his head but he changed his mind because of his believes in god. I am really worried about him. He was using Nine mm hollow points so he has a small hole in his palm but the back of his hand is got a hole big enough to see all the way to the bones and all the other stuff he shattered at lest two of the bones in his hand. The are going to try and repair the bones the best they can but i am worried about how he will do when he is home again. maybe we should find some one to live with him so he is not alone. I love him to death and don't what him to hurt him self again.
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    [​IMG] I am so sorry-hope he heals well, inside and out. [​IMG]
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    Has he ever seen a counselor to help him witht he grief after losing his wife? That is a really, really difficult thing to go through by yourself, even with the support of a family. Depression is a normal reaction after the death of a loved one, but it should not drag on for years and years and years. I believe there will always be a sadness, but if he feels the only way he can handle that sadness is by killing himself, it seems like it is too much for him to handle on his own. Perhaps talks to him about seeing a counselor, if not for himself, then for the rest of his family. You can even search out one with him to see, and perhaps even volunteer to go with him for the first session if it would make him feel better. I know it's difficult convincing people to get help, especially if they are set in their ways, but maybe this accident will open up his eyes!

    I'm glad he wasn't seriously injured and I hope his hand heals well.
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    Quote:Yes he has been seeing a counselor to help him heal. The thing is he lost his wife then a year latter he lost his step-son and last year he lost his sister and the only other family he has is a brother and a niece in California and a nephew in another state so he is alone other then my family and a few friends. He keeps saying at if he can just fall in love again then his life would be better but i think he is trying to hard to find someone. I have told him to just take things slow and he will soon find some one to be with again. He is going to be in the hospital for a while. I just hope I can help him heal.
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    I am lillie's mom he is grounded from his guns for a while, he just needs to learn to be alone for a while. I think there is a lesson for him but he is just pushing so hard for what he thinks will fix everything. I just hope he can take the time and see the lesson and then when the time is right God will show him the one who is meant for him.

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