My almost baby (goat)!


12 Years
Sep 4, 2007
I sold my last alpine doe, April, to a friend, she'd been w/ my nigi buck, I'd attempted to breed him to an alpine before and he hadn't managed to seal the deal. I told them she'd been exposed but I wasn't guaranteeing anything. A few weeks after they got her she suprised them with this cute little buckling! They named him Tuff.

I was shocked, not that she was pg, I knew that was a strong possibility, but I never would have guess she was that far along!

Anyway, I'm waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for Lone Star to kid and thought I'd waste some time showing off my almost kid! If she'd been here just alittle longer he would have been mine! But I think they are pretty crazy about her and him, so I'm really happy for them!

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