My Ameraucana has ONE feather on EACH leg!!

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Dec 2, 2019
Nampa Idaho
I was out with the chickens today and I noticed that my Ameraucana has one tiny baby feather on each leg. I confirmed that they are actually her feathers, but she is from a hatchery and not supposed to have feathered feet. Do you think that it is part of her genetics and the hatchery did a sloppy job or what??



There's a piggy in the pasture
Aug 22, 2019
Martin county, Florida
That's not an Ameraucana, that's an Easter egger. An Ameraucana is a auracana mix that has muffs and lays blue eggs. An Easter egger is a mix breed that might have muffs and lays either blue, green, brown, or pink eggs. Easter eggers are lots of the time sloppily bred by hatcheries and even though they normally have clean legs they will occasionally have feathered feet.
Aug 13, 2017
the coop
If you did then it wasn't a purebreed Rhode island red.

She looks like an RIR... but I got her from the Grange Co-op, so anything's possible. 😂 In that same batch of chicks, I also got a small-ish Buff Orpington with yellow legs (as opposed to Ivory). Some breeders in my area cross Orps with Leghorns to make the Orps better layers, so I am assuming that is what happened there. 🧐


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