my americana had 2 seizures help.


Dec 22, 2015
my pet chicken (americana) is almost 16 years old and is the last of 9 chickens.
I been bringing the chicken into the house every day for a few hours to pet it and feed it treats.
last week I brought the chicken into the house and it collapsed, so i rushed the chicken outside
and laid it on the ice cold cement. it came back to life so i took it back to the coop.
a few days later i was in the coop, i put the chicken on my lap to warm its feet and after about 1 min.
the chicken had another seizure, the chicken goes limp for about a min. as i rushed it outside
and laid it down on the ice cold dirt with cold wind blowing. the chicken revived again.
at first i thought it was heat stroke from bringing it into a warm house from 40* coop?
now i think it has diabetes? one of its eyes is grey, the chicken was seeing invisible things for a couple
of years before the eye went grey.
I filled its water with a vitamin mix and today the chicken seems fine.
now i am scared to touch it as it might have another seizure.
so any slight raise in body temp and the chicken has a seizure?
not sure if its a seizure as the chicken just passes out then kicks then goes limp.
does anyone know what causes this?


6 Years
Jan 5, 2015
I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. I read up a little bit on chicken seizures and found that the most common cause is vitamin deficiencies. Try giving her plain yogart and vitamins. I hope that it helps.

Good luck!



Dec 22, 2015
my poor chicken had two more seizures, the last one was not as bad.
I got lots of info on seizures from a parrot care web site.
the chicken might of had more as its in a coop and not in the house to be monitored.
I think the cold helps it from having seizures thats why its in the coop.
I think its having seizures do to low blood sugar?
I put 4 spoonfuls of sugar mixed with 1/2 gal. of water.
I mixed some aspirin in the water with vitamins.
1/4 gram of aspirin per 1/2 gal. water.
so fare so good, I have not seen any seizures and the chicken looks
happy and normal.
before the seizures i was thinking ill have the oldest chicken in the world,
she looks like she can live another 5 years.
not sure if i should give her sugar water for the rest of her life?


Dec 22, 2015
the sugar water did not help chicken still has seizures.
i now think the chicken has been having them for a few months
as i remember picking up the chicken and when i set it down it would not move for a few sec..
picking up the chicken sets off its seizures?
each new seizure seems less severe then the one before.
I'm looking into Phenobarbital.
currant treatment is,
vitamins, aspirin, and now antibiotics.

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