My answer is here! "she " crowed tonight!!!!


10 Years
May 3, 2010
Southern NH
I posted last week wondering if my girl could be a mixed answers. Then this morning my husband and i went to the coop to open them up and i was telling him i had some suspicions i might have a roo....he says what that one, pointing to the one i thought. Then "she " jumps up on the cage in the run and yep.... squeaky door!!! My husband thought he heard a roo yesterday but blew it off...

Imm so excited!!!

Here He is!

Yes he is. I really wondered if maybe she was just big, but after I heard the crow this morning there is no denying it!
I wanted a roo so I am thrilled!!!!!
Is it true, some where I read that if you hold the chick by the nape of the neck, like a cat, a roo will hold its legs up and a hen will hang the legs down? or something like that.

No No No!!!!!

When I ordered these chicks I ordered a buff brahma roo...they switched up my order and i didnt get him. So i really thought i was roo-less. I adored my last roos, they were so sweet. And I love listening to them! (the fact that my neighbors dont mind helps!).
I agree. Roosters are beautiful ! I want one ! But where I live, that is not an option. I would love to hear him crowing, watching over his flock, baby chicks running around. *sigh* for now I will just enjoy everyone else's ! Congrats on your Roo !
When I got chickens, I never really thought about having (and keeping) a roo. We got some "Ameraucana" chicks straight run from our feed store and ended up (a few months later) with the most gorgeous colored cockerel that I have ever seen ! I could never let him go ! I love to hear him crow, and he is such a good protector for all of his ladies

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