My Auracanas are not laying yet ;-(

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    Greetings yall back in June I bought 7 new pullets one black star and 6 Auracanas. Actually they were still chicks when I bought them.Well as of yet I have seen my Black Star lay her first eggs. I have been getting an egg from her every other day or every two days since last week. My Auracanas on the other hand haven't started laying yet. Can anyone tell me what is the normal time before Auracanas start to lay eggs. They are 23 weeks old as of Tuesday. I'm dying to see what these multi colored eggs look like, but haven't got any yet. Please advice on what I can give them to help them lay. I give them a mix of layer pellets, scratch, & sunflower seeds. Is there anything else I can add to their feed to help them along with the process of laying? Thanks

    Ralph V.
    Eastford, CT
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    Black stars are a hybrid (Barred rock hen x Rhode Island Red cock). Their hybrid vigor makes them a faster maturing bird. Your Araucanas, which are more likely Easter Eggers if you were promised a variety of egg colors, will probably take longer to mature. 20 weeks is considered early maturing for eggs. Give them 6 months and then start squeezing them. Just kidding! They'll likely start laying by the end of this month.
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    Your Araucanas which may really be EE depending upon where you got them have not been selected for egg production as has your black star. They will start laying later, probably lay less frequently, and may have a longer productive life than your black star. Be patient - the eggs will come. [​IMG]

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